Expectation of suppliers

Kilcoy Global Foods Australia believes the best solutions stay true to our food’s nature, and that begins with our suppliers.

Our suppliers play a key role in our sustainability performance and the success of our operations, and we have very clear expectations, ensuring the values of Kilcoy Global Foods Australia are shared and lived on a daily basis. Our trading partners operate under stringent quality assurance and quality control measures to ensure the produce they deliver meets our customers’ needs. We require our grain-fed cattle suppliers to be accredited under the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme, ensuring their compliance with animal welfare, environment, food safety and product integrity legislation.

We work closely with governing industry organisations to ensure we meet the highest quality standards at each stage of the process, including traceability, safety, hygiene and product integrity. It is these world-class standards that ensures humane, sustainable practices and the safety of our products.

Our unwavering commitment to quality assurance and the implementation of the highest food safety control measures throughout the entire supply chain must be shared by our trade partners, and is the reason we have such a strong record of safe and reliable product.

The Kilcoy Global Foods Supplier Guiding Principles can be found by contacting Kilcoy Global Foods.