We’re working towards
greener pastures

At Kilcoy Global Foods Australia (KGF Australia), our business is intrinsically linked with nature and agriculture. Climate change is one of the most significant issues that will impact the long-term prosperity of the industry and way of life. It impacts natural cycles of water, soils, biodiversity and ecosystems that play a vital role in the production our food.

Together with our employees, suppliers, customers and community, we are relentlessly pursuing new and improved ways to deliver profitable food solutions, whilst at the same time reducing the environmental, social and economic impacts of our business practices on natural resources.


Environmental sustainability is a cornerstone of all our processes, systems and business activities.

We are continually looking for ways to reduce the impacts of our facilities, products and operations on the environment.

Through water, electricity, land management, waste reduction, animal welfare and technology initiatives we’re leading the industry in environmental practices.



At Kilcoy Global Foods Australia we actively seek to engage with businesses that are driven by a social or environmental purpose, or that support people who have traditionally been financially excluded.



We have a highly diverse and dynamic workforce, embracing and celebrating many different cultures and nationalities. We work to support all of our employees in the workplace and beyond.



As part of our commitment to animal welfare, we continue to look for innovative solutions in animal welfare above and beyond industry standard.


Our strategy is to integrate the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence into KGF business practices to continue to operate as a best-in-class processor.

Our objective is to focus on sustainability while working to lower risks, innovate traditional practices and create market profits and returns.

Cattle standing in lush paddocks